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We are a full service mortgage brokearge; we have over 50 different lenders, institutional and private, including banks, trust companies, credit unions and more.  We arrange 1st, 2nd and 3rd mortgages, on Residential, Investment, Commercial and Industrial properties.  We also arrange construction mortgages.  We will lend on up to 65% of the value on land, up to 70% of the value on Plazas and up to 85% of the value on Apartment Buildings (CMHC insured). We will also lend on Churches, Funeral Homes, Hotels & Motels, Restaurants/Bars, Banquet Halls,Student Residences, Bed & Breakfasts, Bowling Alleys, Pool Halls, Parking Lots,Gas Stations, Car Washes, Marinas, Mobile Homes, Trailer Parks, Etc. 

Are you dis-satisfied with the service you are getting at the bank?  We can survey the market to find you the best available mortgage for your needs.  Banks can be very strict and choosy when it comes to lending money, especially on non standard properties.  If a deal makes sense, we will find you an interested lender.  Our lenders are often willing to overlook certain issues ie credit issues, lack of proof of income, tax arrears, no current tax filing on hand, if there is sufficient equity in a property and if the borrower has a plan to repay the money. 

Have you been quoted an unreasonably high interest by the bank?  Sometimes banks don't always give you the best available rate... we will shop around for you to find you the best rate.  We receive rate updates (bank's offer mortgage brokers their best rates) from dozens of lenders so we know what the best available rates are.  On a standard residential mortgage, we are paid a fee by the lender to arrange the mortgage.  On other types of non standard mortgages we will need to charge a fee for our services. 

Why use a mortgage broker?  This Matrix explains why you would want to use a mortgage broker in comparison to a bank.  Click here to view.

Other Products:
Zero down, new immigrant, cashback, All In One (combining regular mortgage and Line of Credit)


"You handled all matters related to my mortgage in a very professional manner and I appreciate the good work carried out by you throughout my purchasing process.  You successfully managed the mortgage within less than a month's time. I once again want to thank you for arranging everything well in time and without any complications.   I am completely satisfied with your services and wish you all the best. "
Regards -- Kuljit Jass

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